lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010


That´s right, we are slowly coming back and we have good news, first we opened a small store HERE where you can find some of our best skins, and we are presenting the N° 12 : Orty, which I trully recomend you to try out and see for yourself the little details and great effort we put on him.
We will be opening new stores soon, make sure to check out the blog from time to time as we are going to update it with the new Second Life url´s.

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Belu dijo...
So, Your wondering how to get clear skin without using anything too expensive?
Well STOP wondering.
here is 10 easy steps to the clear skin you have always wanted.
1. Your going to have to pop into the doctors, and ask them for DUAC ONCE DAILY GEL.
duac once daily gel, is a gel that works to fight the bacteria that corses acne. its a gentle gel with no side effects. but you will have to have this on perscription.
2. Drop those crisps and pick up a fruit. No more crisps from now on.
3. Water is essensial for good healthy skin, so always keep a bottle with you, did you know that sometimes when your thirsty its actually mistaken for hunger.
4. Simple is a skin care line with great products, without seeing your doctor. you can pick these up in the local pharmacy.
5. Check what time your going to sleep. 8-10 hours is vital for healthy skin.
6. No more coke or sugary drinks. BIN THEM! in the garbage!
7. remember to have a routiene for your skin. morning and night.
8. Break outs??!! help.!! Did you know that toothpaste actually dries out a nasty pimple? So avoid popping or picking it because this could leave scarring. inside how about leave some toothpaste on your pimple for 1hour.
9. Excercise is very important. It burns off excess fat and energy which can clog the skin.
10. Sunlight is important for healthy skin. If You dont get much sunlight at least try to get daylight to your skin!
try this routiene for 2 weeks!!
see what difference it makes!

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